"The Castle"'s Darryl Kerrigan: A hero?

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Darryl's background can be a hero because he stood up for what he believed was just. He is what we would call an 'accidental' hero, for he never planned to be a hero until the Airlink Company tried to take his home, his "castle", from him. He is a hero also because he stood up for the welfare of others, his family. He became a role model for his family then after for standing up to the unfairness, he stood up when others would've simply backed down.

Darryl's family were the ones who regarded him as their hero. His determination and conviction that he was being wronged gave him the courage to seek out means to take back what was his: his house. Darryl entrusted his faith his lawyer friend Dennis Denuto, confident that the case would be won. Neither Darryl nor Dennis ever had full knowledge of the constitution of Australia, and this is one heroic virtue that Darryl had: that amidst difficulties, he was still determined and dedicated to his cause no matter what.

He continued on fighting, no matter how futile things looked, and it was obvious that Dennis Denuto, being the execrably bad lawyer that he was, never stood a chance of winning the case.

The characteristics and attributes I admired about Darryl was his unconditional love for his family and his home. He was a much laid back father with the same easy smile, encouraging remarks and was never too protective of his children that they felt they were being held back from what they wanted to be. He was always interacting with his family, and I believe this highlights Darryl from other fathers of the modern era, who doesn't understand how their children feel and gradually losing association with their children...