Castles of Medieval Times

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Throughout history castles survive centuries. Looking back on these great fortifications one sees just how different, but safe life exists in the Medieval period inside one of these tremendously prepared fortresses. Besides the Lord and Lady others live in the castle to do work and protect them. Through this fortress the lord may run his nation.

In the late 1000's A.D. the importance of castles become a large role in security, military, politics, and living accommodation. This importance continues throughout the Middle Ages slowing down after the 1500's. The quarters comfort the guest and families of the castle, but are not that much better than the villagers' homes. The host or lord of the castle sleeps on the upper floor. He usually sleeps "in a separate wing at the dais end of the hall" (Gies p.68) with a lot of space between the lady and him and the entrance to the castle.

Knights guard this area just as they did in the poem Beowulf. At the end of the hall Hrothgar and his lady sleep in their chamber with knights guarding them throughout the hall before their room. The castles protection methods keep everyone safe, "administrative personnel slept in towers" (Gies p.69) when awake they "[perform] castle [guarding]" (Gies p.69) preventing enemies from invading over the walls or through the entrance. The castles of this time need heat since the stone is so cold. The fireplace becomes a great invention providing heat in each room when the hearth could not before it. Windows exist, but they have "wooden shutters covering secured by an iron bar" (Gies p.58) this just goes to show just how much protection these castles have.

Air Force One parallels castles of the Medieval time a great deal. High political figures live here, with security and the...