Is castration cruel and unusual punishment?

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Castration is cruel and unusual because it is taking away the right of a man to bear children but at the same time it may prevent him from being a repeat offender. The idea of castration is to dramatically reduce the libido and to significantly reduce the testosterone level of a man. Unfortunately, men can no longer perform sexually because they can not get erect. However, who is to say that they will not still become repeat offenders. Castration to me is only an option in certain circumstances. If someone is a first time offender I believe that they should be given jail time along with rehabilitation. Castration should be mandatory for repeat offenders and they should be given adequate jail time.

Even though castration is not a guarantee that men will be repeat offenders, it should encompass both surgical and chemical methods. When the judge determines sentencing, depending on the severity of the crime, he should factor in previous offenses.

In the case of multiple offenses then it should be mandatory that the offender be surgically castrated. But in the case of first time or juvenile offenders, chemical castration should be considered.

The offender, the judge and any other parties involved should be given the opportunity to have an effect on sentencing. In cases of juvenile victims, either form of castration would be acceptable. However, in cases of adult victims, where intoxicants are involved and consent cannot be completely ruled out, castration of any kind should not be warranted.