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Theatrical Techniques: A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams involves various theatrical techniques. Theatrical techniques are usually used to enhance the play or to set context etc. Each director or play writer have their own theatrical techniques, in which they use to make the performance of the play unique. In A Streetcar Named DesireTennessee Williams uses two very important theatrical techniques: music and costumes. The music used in the play describes the mood of the scene in which the music is being played. The music also enhances the emotions of the characters in the play. The costumes are also a very important aspect in the play they determine part of the characters personality and social class.

The music in the play is an important aspect because the music found in the play gives the play its context. In fact, the first scene of the play opens with music.

The typical music in New Orleans at the time, which was the 'blue piano'. The blue piano is very particular. It suggests physical pleasure, animal strength, and vitality. The blue piano appears at very significant emotional moments in the play. For example, in scene one when Blanche tells Stella of the loss of Belle Reve it is heard. It is also heard when she hears about Stella's pregnancy. The blue piano is also heard during powerful entrances, entrances that change the mood and the plot throughout the scenes. For example, in scene two when Stanley enters the blue piano is heard as soon as we hear it we infer that something tense will happen; Stanley and Blanche begin to fight.

The blue piano is not the only type of music that is heard, we also encounter the varsuviana music. This music is...