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The Cat-dogs is a story about terror and suspense written by Susan Price. The cat-dogs are a combination of a cat and a dog they had wild predators instincts. They were raised in a farm by a family of farmers. Once the cat-dogs grew enough they left the farm to terrorize other farm animals and farmers. They attacked anyone who would cross their path, they even attacked their owners.

It takes place in a small farm in the United States, a girl named Liz found a sack with two animals that she thought were cats, she rescued the two cats from drowning; she took them home to her father's farm so that their pet cat who had kittens of her own would feed them. The Bowyer family didn't agree too much in keeping the supposed cats. Because they didn't look like anything that they ever saw before but finally let them stay.

The supposed kittens grew into animals that looked like cats and also had dog characteristics they called them The Cat Dogs, because they were like a cat in some ways and dog in others. The Animals grew and left the farm to live in the forest. The cat-dogs were aggressive wild animals and would hunt their food which were farm animals, One day the Bowyer's dog was found dead by Liz and Ms. Bowyer, they knew that the cat-dogs had been responsible for the death of there house pet. Mr. Bowyer had just come back from a trip were he would bring sweetish rare lambs and a sweetish veterinarian to their farm when Ms. Bowyer informed her husband about their pets death, Mr. Bowyer and the sweetish veterinarian investigated the dead animal's carcass, and determined that the cat-dogs were responsible. Sven the sweetish veterinarian said that this...