Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

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" Cat on a Hot Tin Roof " "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", a tale about a neurotic and dysfunctional southern family which is swept up in rivalries and tension. The didactic theme is largely about greed and lies, things most counter productive, lesson that is learned from the negatively to love, the beauty of marriage and family harmony.

Maggie, the Cat, is the desperate, lonely Southern beauty. She's self-absorbed, manipulative and resentful of at on a Hot Tin Roof. Maggie schemes, dreams, and longs to have a child for selfish purposes. Maggie just wants a piece of her father- in-laws estate. The only way to win it is to produce a grandchild with her alcoholic ex-athlete husband. She doesn't play like she is in heat, although Maggie admits she to it.

Although Maggie has her bad points such as trying to take away from her in-laws inheritance and seducing her husbands football player buddy, Skipper.

When Brick and Skipper started to become extra friendly. Unfairly, question Brick's possible homosexuality towards Skipper. Her love for Brick is actually quite real and just wanted to be loved by her husband.

Maggie confronts Brick ; She's ready to have a child and she demands attention. Brick in return asks "How in hell on earth do you imagine that you're going to have a child by a mom that can't stand you?" She cooly replies "That's just a problem that I have to work out." At that Maggie is in a confident statue of denial towards her alcoholic husband.

Big Daddy is troubled by his favorite on Brick who marinates in alcohol, that supposedly began with the death of Brick ex-football teammate, Skipper. Both Brick and his father exercise a little bit of denial, Brick about the ambiguous, possibly...