"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" by Shannon Baxter.

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The characters of this play are Brick, his wife Maggie, Big Daddy, Big Momma, Gooper, and his wife Mae. This three act play takes place in Brick and Maggie's bedroom. The setting of the play is at Big Daddy's house for his 65th birthday. The family was awaiting the news of Big Daddy's cancer tests. The test results were positive and they were told that Big Daddy was dying from his condition. Everyone but Big Daddy and Big Momma know the truth of his condition. They were intentionally deceived until the end of the play. All of the characters except Brick are constantly struggling to gain favor with Big Daddy in order to get his assets and money.

Brick is a former football star whose career ended after a sports injury. He was a sports announcer who abruptly quit his job after the death of his best friend Skipper.

Brick and Skipper were best friends that did everything together. Maggie felt jealous of their friendship and Skipper envied Brick and Maggie's relationship. In an effort to try and bring everyone closer, Maggie and Skipper were caught in an affair. This led to Skipper committing suicide. Brick holds Maggie responsible for Skipper's death because of the affair but the play showed Brick was responsible too. It was never stated that there was any relationship between Brick and Skipper but it was implied.

Maggie is determined to win back Bricks' love and ensure a portion of Big Daddy's estate for their future. Her early beginnings with poverty have her concerned for wealth. This proves true as she plays the ideal couple and uses the charade of pregnancy to win favor in the family. The only way that she is able to get Brick to go along with her...