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In the novel, Cat and Mouse, by James Patterson, Alex Cross, the homicide detective, and his team from the Bureau try to hunt down mass murderers that are all over the continent. They are having a bit of trouble catching onto the clues that the murderers are giving them. Luckily, Cross is a smart and quick-witted man. Alex Cross is usually perceptive, but after his beloved wife`s death, he changes to being a careless man, and after the incident, he becomes a cautious person towards others.

Alex Cross is a very quick-witted person; he has to be, if he wants to be a successful homicide detective. Mr. Smith has given the Bureau hints so that they can catch him. Unfortunately, the homicidal team from the Bureau did not quite catch onto the clues. But after a while, Cross started to want to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

He was thinking of all the victims Mr. Smith has "studied". The first letters from all the victims' first, last or middle names spelled "I. M.U.R.D.E.R.E.D. I.S.A.B.E.L.L.A. C.AL.A.I._.". The last letter of the sentence is going to be his last victim. The last letter was going to be "S", which might stand for Smith, as in himself, but it might also stand for Dr. Martin Straw, the man his girlfriend cheating on him for. Cross figured it out, Isabella Calais was Smith's girlfriend, and he murdered her. One afternoon, Cross and his partner and best friend, John Sampson, went to Soneji's house in Wilmington, Delaware. They were trying to search for clues that Soneji left them. While searching, Sampson looks into Soneji's doghouse, he discovers one of his masterpieces, the sight would make people want to "avert their eyes" (126). Soneji had killed his golden retriever and decapitated...