Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut A book report on the novel about the atomic bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima. Explains major themes, opinion on novel and why it is a classic.

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1) Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Cat's Cradle

2) Cat's Cradle is about the narrator who is trying to find out exactly what happened the day that the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. He interviews Felix Hoenikker's (the father of the atom bomb) children and others who knew him. He makes a great discovery which later leads to the freezing of all of the lakes and rivers in the world.

3) This book had a couple major themes. These include religion, new inventions and the atomic bomb.

I believe that the theme which was most important for me was the religion theme. I think that at this age everybody is trying to find themselves, trying to figure out who they are and just what they believe in. This narrator of this book tells how he went from a Christian to a Bokonist. He describes his religion throughout the book, which I found was very interesting.

He says things which they believe, such as the thought that, "everything happens for a reason." I've always believe that. He also talks about how they touch feet to come together, and says a lot of poems from his religion which are quite meaningful.

I believe that the theme of new inventions is most important for this age. We are constantly trying to make new things and we really don't know if being so technologically advanced will help or hinder us. In the book, the invention of Ice-9, a supposed useful substance, ended up being the exact thing which killed everything. I think that this is important for us to read about because that sort of thing could happen to us too.

4) I really enjoyed how the author told this story. He put in great detail to each event, such as his descriptions...