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Cat Stevens grew up in London, in the Greek Restaurant his parents owned called the Moulin Rouge. He attended a Catholic school called Saint Josephs. Cat and his friend loitered around the theatres, bars and clubs during school and during his rebellion as a child; he discovered his love for music.

In the 1960's when Cat got a record deal and started to release his music, social and political upheaval occurred. Young people started having a say and this made a change to society. Cat was released as a teen sensation. He went on tours and sold millions of albums. Girls wanted him and males wanted to be him. He gave all this up, to find his true identity.

He started his spiritual journey when his life was turned upside down. A doctor diagnosed him with a fatal illness. He was told that he hadn't had long to live. Cat was only 19 when diagnosed and did not want to die.

He did not want to leave this world without knowing where he was going. He overcame this illness and through the soul searching and life changing experience became a different person. He returned to the music industry with a different sound, different views of life and a different man. He then went to take on the US market. He was a hit the American audience loved him. His workload was notched up and his life began to become more tiring. He was constantly on the go, but as all this was happening, in Cat's head his search for spirituality grew. He became torn between his two images of life, a material one and a spiritual life. 5 years on he became exhausted and drained. Later that year he was swimming and he got swept in a tide and got...