Cat vs. Dog

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Ericah Marx


English Comp 1

December 4, 2013

Comparison and Contrast Essay

America's two favorite pets are the cat and the dog. Throughout my life, I have had many pets, the majority of them being dogs. Right now I have two dogs and three cats. Cats and dogs have many similarities and differences. Living with these animals throughout the years, I have seen a lot of similar and different things about their characteristics. Some major comparable characteristics between the cat and dog are their way of showing affection, their trainability, and their basic maintenance.

Dogs are known as "man's best friend" because they seek companionship. With the proper affection and care, the dog will have a very strong bond with its "master". Once the dog has reached that bond, he/she will go very far to protect loved ones with his/her life. The dog is man's best friend, companion, and ultimately becomes part of the family.

On the other hand, the cat has a different way of bonding with its owner. The cat is not so needy for affection and attention like the dog is. Don't get me wrong, cats love to be petted and adored, but they are not depending on it as much as the dog is. A cat only wants so much attention before it gets tired, runs off, and does its own thing. I found an article that said, "Cats are independent creatures and they alone decide on whom they will bestow their affections. They alone decide whether or not being trained is something worth the fuss for them, not us." ("Why Cats Are Difficult to Train?" yahoo pub. 2007) I have even had an experience where a cat I was petting finally was done getting loved on, and it attacked me. To me, I see...