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Trial assessment Enzymes


The aim of this experiment is to see the effect of four different concentrations of amylase solution on the breakdown of starch.


According to ( Microsoft corporation 2000), "...Enzymes are proteins and have a specific shape. They are therefore specific in the reactions that they catalyse. One enzyme will react with molecules of one substrate. The site of the reaction occurs in an area on the surface of the protein called the active site. Since the active site for all molecules of one enzyme will be made up of the same arrangement of amino acids, it has a highly specific shape. The enzyme and substrate fit together through an induced fit. This is when the enzyme and substrate form a complex and a structural change occurs so that the active site fits precisely around the substrate (the substrate induces the active site to change shape)".

The rate at which the reactions will occur will depend on how many enzymes molecules are present and the speed at which enzymes can convert the substrate into product, release it and bind with another substrate molecule.

As a higher concentrated solution of amylase is used the rate of reaction will increase, as there will be more active sites available for the starch to slot into, lowering the activation energy. Whereas in the reaction with the solution containing less amylase the rate of reaction will be slower as (Microsoft corporation 2000) States"... at low enzyme concentration there is great competition for the active sites and the rate of reaction is low. As the enzyme concentration increases, there are more active sites and the reaction can proceed at a faster rate. Eventually, increasing the enzyme concentration beyond a certain point has no effect because the rate of reaction...