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Catch 22 Catch 22 is a great book about the lives the solders live during World War II. Yosarian is part of the 256th Squadron of the Twenty-seventh United States Army Air Force. He continually tries to get removed from the army by pleading insanity. Yosarian is constantly in the hospital trying to get out because he is in some way sick but the doctors can not let him go because of a Catch-22 which says they must obey their commanding officers who will not allow them to leave. Unlike Yosarian many of his comrades enjoy the battle and are always taking risks, they usually die from these risks. McWatt is a daredevil pilot who loves to buzz as close as possible over Yosarian's tent. Mess officer Milo turns his job into becoming an international black market salesman, if you are looking for anything including the location of their fort Milo will have it.

Each character has their own way of dealing with the war and Yosarian watches them die one by one and waits his turn. After looking at the plot of a book it is important to look at the setting, mood, and theme.

The setting of the book is very important to the events that occur throughout the story. Catch 22 takes place during World War II. The American forces have just come in to aid their allies, England, France, and Russia. They are located on an army base on the island of Pianosa off the coast of Italy. The men often find their way to Rome to enjoy the pleasures found there. We are put in the cockpit of Yosarian during action scenes of him flying over Italy during missions. Much of the book is set at the army hospital at the island...