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Catch-22 By: Joseph Heller Book Report by: Josh Nartowicz I choose Catch-22 as my second independent book to read. I choose this book because Jon said it was a very good book so I decided to read it.

SUMMARY: The story of Catch-22 takes place near the end of World War II in a allied airfield in Pianosa. Pianosa is a island that lies eight miles south of Elba in the Mediterranean Sea. The book starts off with the main character Yossarian, faking an illness in a military hospital. In the hospital we find out that Yossarian is extremely paranoid and that he thinks everyone is out to kill him. He believes that when he is fighting against the enemies they are singling him out and trying to kill just him, no one else. He believes that even his won officers are trying to kill him. Yossarian throughout the story finds how to cope with his paranoia about everyone throughout the war.

But he has every right to be paranoid because you never know when an attack is going to happen in a war. Even with his already somewhat mental sickness of paranoia, Yossarian has to deal with more emotional damage in the book. During a bombing run, Yossarian's best friend dies in his hands after being shot in a plane. Yossarian's shirt had his friends' entrails all over it. After this Yossarian lost the nerve to fight; he couldn't stand the thought of seeing any more people he loves or close to him die. You find Yossarian trying to flee from the war. One of the only people you find that Yossarian can trust is an officer named Milo. Yossarian can't even trust him for long after that. Milo owns black markets all over the world.