To Catch a Piece of the Sun - Imaginative Story.

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It was a cold and cloudy day at the beginning of the winter. The terrorist forces were constantly attacking the peasants and their farms. They needed food to survive in the long winter, and since they were not able to grow food, they took it from the poor farmers. The winter was going to last for about ten years. The Clevers, the most intelligent creatures, said that the winter is as long as the summer. On this particular day, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a meeting held at the Earth's biggest city called Nyanda Sentre. In this city the biggest rulers of the three worlds gathered to discuss the terrorist forces and the possible ways of exterminating them. The rulers were Herr Naxx Strangx'xiss from the Moon, Lord Angrah Khalan from Mars and Master Yoda from the Earth.

After long debates the three rulers reached a solution to form a team of four heroes to exterminate all of the terrorists, even though Master Yoda insisted that the terrorists are obsessed by the dark force, and they were to be converted to the light one by priests.

The team was to consist of one human from the Earth, one tauren, which is a big bull-like animal standing on two feet, from Mars, one undead from the Moon and one plasma golem from the sun. The golem was to be taken by the other three members. On each of the planets there were series of tournaments held in order for the best fighters to be selected. The human was called Anasin Scrapwalker, the tauren - Guruhto Strantar and the undead - Sirious Death. Mister Scrapwalker was capable of fighting extremely well with his lightsaber, while Strantar deals extremely well with heavy weapons like rocket launcher, flamethrower, chainsaw, or cannon.