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Catch 22 is comprised of many complex characters, each with his own characteristic that fits with the general theme of the novel. All of the non-officers in the army have the law of catch 22 used against them. These characters are forced into situations using illogical manners of negotiating. This is one more tool that the military officers use to control their subordinates. Only one character was able to escape the grasp of the law. Milo Mindbender was using the army for all that it was worth. He was treated like royalty and everyone put him at the top of their list.

Milo was top priority of the military. He was a very selfish man that only looked out for himself. The people that surrounded him fed his egotistical ways. Yossarian used his fruit prescription to Milo's advantage by supplying him with an endless bounty of fruits. The Captain gave him special permission to not fly his mission so he could run his business over seas.

He had fellow army men flying him on these profit-full missions.

Milo treated his business as if he was in it for the long term. He did not pocket his profits, but instead he put them back into the business as if the business was his stock and they were his dividends. This is the only aspect of his mannerisms that would not make him seem like a money-grubbing man.