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"Life does not need to mutilate itself in order to be pure", is a statement used to describe the book "Catcher in the Rye" by . There are many reasons why i agree with this statement, but there are also many reasons why i do not. The book talks alot about purity and people acting mature. This would change someones reasoning for agreeing or disagreeing with the statement.

In the book the main character Holden is unable to throw a snowball because he sees it as being "pure". The whiteness of the snow and how it was created is pure enough for him not to throw it.

Holden sees alot of things in this book as being "pure". The nuns he was having a conversation with were also seen by him as being pure because they were not fake, the did not get married or do anything that would be considered not pure to him.

He enjoyed talking to the nuns.

He had very diffenerent views on different things which is why in some ways i disagree now with that statement. In the book he says that actors are fake and that they are not pure because the way they act is phony. I disagree with him when he says that they are not pure because just because they act like someone they are not doesn't mean they are trying to be that person. Holden looked at mostly all actors and called them phony.

At school he saw some of the students there as being phony and not pure also. He says that because he thinks mostly the rich snoby people steal stuff. Mostly everyone that went to his school was rich so they must be crooks and not pure in Holden's point of view.

In some ways i agree with this statement and in some ways i do not. Everyone will have their own opinion on that. The different views Holden expressed in this book showed many different reasons why you would agree or disagree.