Catcher in the Rye Essay.

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Grow up! Adolescence occurs in everyone's life and it is a part of growing up. It involves many hardships, frustrating situation and severe punishments in some cases. It is a very crucial stage in one's life and it is something that everyone should endure. This is the time where one learns from experience and tries different things. One may experience things such as drugs, sex or even abuse. These situations help to encourage adolescents to make the correct decisions in life and mature to become a better person. J.D. Salinger is a well-renown writer; he has written books such as Nine Stories, Franny and Zooey and a classic, The Catcher in the Rye. The main theme in J.D. Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye, is one based on maturity and adolescence. It touches on issues such as adolescent stereotypes, the search for one's identity and the atypical situations faced in adolescent life.

Holden Caulfield is a very atypical individual who faces many abnormal situations. He is only sixteen years of age and very judgmental. Initially he chooses to take an adventure and live in a hotel by himself because he is kicked out of school. Normally, a sixteen-year-old teenager is not living on his or her own; they are usually still at home living with their parents. As well, Holden runs into a man who deals with prostitutes in the elevator on his way up back to his room after his night out. The elevator then started and the man said to him, "Innarested in having a good time, fella? Or is it too late for you?"(Salinger 90). Holden replies him by saying, "How do you mean?"(Salinger 90). The man replies, "Innarested in a little tail t'night?"(Salinger 90). The man was asking Holden if he wanted him to send prostitute...