The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger. A description of the plot and of the main characters.

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The Plot

The story begins when the storyteller ( Holden Coulfiled ) tells us he was kicked out of school, but he is afraid to

tell his parents .

He leaves the college and go to his town (where his parents live)- New York.

He rents a room in a lousy hotel that most of its tenders are pimps, prostitutes, and drunks.

When the night came down he decided to go out and try to forget his sorrow, but after a false attempt to pick up with a few girls

he went back to the hotel.

When he was in the alleviator a pimp came to him and offered him a prostitute for 10 dollars, Holden agreed. But

when the prostitute came to his room he was not in the mood for anything, so he asked her to leave. He took a

not agreed to pay her that much, so she 10-dollar bill out of his wallet but she said he owes her 15 dollars.

He did

left but the pimp came to his room and betted him.

In the morning he went to a record shop and bought his sister a record. He decided to go visit her without his parents knows

about it. And so, when the night came down, and his parents were away, he went to his home and met his little sister. He gave her

the record, but it was broken because he fell drunk on the street.

He tells her he was kicked out of school, and he wants to run away and live alone, on his own. He had to leave his

sister because his parents came back home.

He did not have anywhere to sleep so he went to one of his old teachers. There he gets the feeling that his

teacher tries to flirt with him, he get scared and anxious, so he ran away.

In the next day his sister comes to him in street and persuade him to not run away home and to come back home

with her.

The story ends when Holden comes home in a chrisms morning, tells his parents he was kicked out of school, but for a change,

even thou he do not now what the future holds for him, he looks at life in an optimistic light.

The characters

Holden caulfield

Holden is the main character and also the storyteller.

Holden is a 16 years teenager boy who is frustrated because of teenaging.

He has a lack of self-esteem, he is very thin and get beat up oftenlly. He fells frustrated and desperately need attention, but he has

no one to give him.

Holden comes from a reach and a well mannered family but he is the revel type. He can not stay at any school, he can not stand

the company of most of the human race and he is very rude.Holden experiences a very typical experiences for a teenage, like the

need for a female companion, an extremely hot temper, lack of judgment and a tendency to blame the whole world.

He love his sister and tries to do what she tells him (even thou she is younger than him) and tries to please her.

Holden also love his dead brother(Ellie)- he always think what Ellie would have done.

phoebe (Holden's sister)

phoebe is holden's little sister.

Holden describe her as a very smart girl, practically a little woman.

Phoebe gives the story an innocent look on life, she think everything is easy and simple.

Holden always talks about phoebe and she is the one who made him stay home.

Ellei (Holden's dead brother)

Ellie is holden's dead brother.

He is not an active character, he exists only in Holden's head, and that because he died when he was little.

Holden describes him as a very intelligent boy who was loved by everyone near him.

Holden spent a lot of time trying to be Ellie, but it is not possible to imitate a dead man. Due to that Holden just

increases his dilemmas, but with the help of his memories he overcome them.