How to Cater an Event

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How to Cater an Event

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cater a wedding reception or an

other event? Well you can easily do it all on your own. Your just need to know how to

take the right steps in preparation.

The first thing you'll need to do it make sure your event is stages, or in other

words planned out on a list. This way you will know in numbers how many plates,

silverware, and glasses are needed. You will also need to know if there have been center

pieces requested that you will need to provide yourself. You will need bread and butter

plates, salad plates, dinner plates, and dessert plates. Make sure that you have a few extra

of everything. You may also need forks, spoons, and knives for each course of the meal.

Then you can start setting for your event.

After you set each place setting you will need

to get things to put back in the kitchen. Make sure you bring up food and plate warmers

and roll baskets. You will also need to have carts and plenty of bus tubs for when you

clear. Keep trays and tray stands set up both in the kitchen and in the main room. Next go

down to the main kitchen and gather up all the food and start preparing it for serving.

The next step in catering your event is to serve your guests. You will want to start

serving drinks as the guest arrive. If there is a salad as the start wait until all the

salad plates have been cleared before you start to serve dinner. When you are serving

meals make sure that everyone has a meal at one table before you go on to the next.