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This report is being presented at the request of Mrs. Kudler’s to examine the marketing of a new catering unit that Kudler’s Fine Foods (KFF) is proposing to begin within her organization. In this report I will explain marketing research, marketing mix for the catering business pertaining to product, place, price and promotions. I will also evaluate how KFF should determine the products they have to offer and how they should determine the price of their product relative to other catering companies. I will also explain the term place and how KFF could promote their catering unit and describe how technology can be used in the market. Finally I will explain how the catering can interconnect with their contract with local organic growers.

Marketing research allows an organization to specify the constraints in a decision and restrictions that may be placed on potential solutions to a problem. Many time marketing research studies wind up collecting information that is interesting but irrelevant to the marketing decisions that result into market action.

The information should provide managers with information that will allow them to make clear choices of actions to take for their product. Determining how to collect useful information is often as important as collecting the information. Concept and method are two key elements in deciding how to collect the information needed. Concepts are ideas about a product or service and can be used to find out consumer reactions to a potential new product. A new product concept could be in the form of a picture or verbal description of the product or service that the organization might be offering. Methods pertain to the approaches that can be used to collect information to solve all or part of a problem (Kerin, 2006).

Before KFF will be able to begin a...