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As a company producing and advancing logic chips, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) was first incorporated in Sunnyvale, California, on May 1, 1969. AMC did not go public until 1972. (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., 2008)They were the first, and pretty much only, company to be an alternative source to Intel for IBM. They have been listed in the Fortune 500, grew to incorporate with ATI, listed on NASDAQ and the Toronto Stock Exchange, form an alliance with Compaq Computers, expand to Dresden, Germany, and be the first business to take on Intel in the court system and win. (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., 2008)Though they began producing logic chips, they quickly advanced in the computer technology field. Other products fields they have ventured into are RAM chips (a reverse-cloning of the Intel 8080 microprocessor), bit-slice processor elements, RISC (reduced instruction set computing), embedded processors, flash memory, and many unsuccessful endeavors.

It was these unsuccessful endeavors that lead them to produce products that could take the place of Intel products in computers. (DiVi Distributor Company, 2008)AMD has almost 20% of the global microprocessor based business, second only to Intel who has a strong 80% hold on the market. (Flynn, 2008) With Intel being their only real rival in the microprocessor business, AMD seen a monopoly of the market and filed Anti-Trust lawsuits against Intel and Microsoft.

Winning in Japan with evidence that was deemed applicable by a US Court, AMD thought that the cases in the UK and US were a sure win. Trying to cut down the Intel, in the press, AMD started giving interviews saying too many executives were scared of Intel's influence on the computer technology world to go against the mogul. The fight that started in the beginning of the year was taking way...