The Cather in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger Holden, "Relationships, Intimacy, and Sexuality"

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Relationships, Intimacy, & Sexuality

I think that Holden is very afraid of sex and that maybe he doesn't even like girls. Perhaps he just pretends to like girls so that no one makes fun of him. I have many reasons as to why I think this. For example, Sunny, the prostitute, says, "Let's go, hey." Holden responds, "Don't you feel like talking for a while?"(p.95). Holden gets a prostitute and he pays for her but he does not even have sex with her. He makes really terrible excuses such as, "The thing is, I had an operation very recently."(p.96). He just lies so that he does not have to have sex with her.

I don't think Holden is afraid of intimacy. If I am wrong and he does in fact like girls, then it does seem as though he has no problem with intimacy. This is because when he and Sally meet at Biltmore, he wants her to sort of run away with him.

He wants her to go with him to Massachusetts. I think the reason he wants to do this is because he just wants to get the hell out of that place and he has no one else to runaway with. When she says no and he yells at her, it ruins their friendship. Holden is now down to old Jane and Ackley as friends. These are his only friends throughout the beginning of the book. Although later he becomes friends with Mr. Antolini. This relationship becomes very close and Holden sort of thinks of him as his father. He loves Mr. Antolini and thinks that he can talk to him about anything. He also knows that if anything ever happens to Holden that Mr. Antolini will be right by his side. This is because of...