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The sign in front of the medium sized fairly modern brown building gave me the reassurance that I had reached the Newman Center. Sitting atop the building was a large cross. Along side the building facing Third Street were stained glass windows, colored with many crosses also in the glass. The outside of the building was a plain, as expected, brownish color but beautifully decorated with flowers growing along the building. Immediately inside I noticed a lot of papers, flyers and information of sorts. The minute I stepped in I noticed Pastor Newman in the front welcoming everyone with a smile and a hug wearing a white robe with a hood. People arrived fairly casually dressed, seemed very friendly and had a good relationship with the Pastor. As my turn came up to enter, he noticed I was a student taking notes. He smiled, asked what class I was from and took a minute to remember who I was.

The Pastor gave me a hug and welcomed me in with a warm friendly smile. The inside of the building was not flashy in color, but very subtle with a dark green carpet. The building where the service was held was small in size with a reasonable amount of seating, with extra chairs at the end of the rows. When you immediately step in there is a large cross with Jesus on it. As people entered the room they did a hand sign in the shape of a cross across their body, kiss their hand and stepped in to find a seat. In front of the seats, there is a kneeling stool with a pad on them along with bibles and song books placed on the back of the pews. The room is very quiet with subtle low whispers by few...