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Self-Guided Learning Experience through the use of mobile digital/online platform

Write a paper of your experience using mobile digital learning platform to explore new topics you are required to learn in Chapter 7 (double space, APA format, minimum 3 pages, plus a reference page) that discusses your personal experiences using online resources on mobile learning platform. You may discuss any positive or negative experiences have. Here are some suggestions you might want to consider to include in your writing: (obviously the more information you discuss, the higher the possible points.

Your background as digital-native or non-digital native (meaning if you were accustom to using digital gadgets growing up, or if you were somewhat foreign to the idea of and learning with computers/digital tools.

Your daily work/school/social life pattern, how does that affect your ability to use laptop/iPad/PC-tablets to learning and doing this assignment?

How convenient or not convenient for you to access and use digital to do meaningful learning (reading and doing homework)?

Identify three website or APP that you want to discuss about any particular positive or negative experiences while using these websites.

Describe how iPad/mobile learning device maybe more or less convenient compared to a desktop computer in terms of studying or involving with group activities.

Describe how iPad/mobile learning activities may or may not be an important supplement to the class.

What mobile activities (or specific apps) have helped you to engage with course learning

Describe how mobile device have helped in learning the course content.

Describe how mobile learning device may have allowed you to develop confidence in the subject area.

Describe how learning skills may have been developed that applies to your academic learning experience.

Describe how mobile learning device have helped you to connect ideas in new ways

Describe how mobile device...