The Catholic Mass Compared to the Baptist Service

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I believe that whatever religion you practice or believe in it is very personal. The way I look at religion is that there are so many different religions and bibles no matter what one we believe in; it is what guides us and helps us through our lives during happy, sad, or hard times. I believe that every religion gives us a purpose and helps us be close to whatever God that we believe in and that we will all end up in the same place together and that is with GOD. I tell people that I respect their beliefs and would never judge them. It is not my place to judge anyone on anything. I leave that responsiblity in the hands of GOD.

We have no right to say one religion does it better or knows' more than another.

The catholic faith teaches that there are 7 sacraments that you have to receive to get into heaven.

They are as I try to remember all of them, and I'll try to tell them in order as well.

Baptism - you need to be baptized as soon as you are born. It is frequently referred to as the "door of the church"

Usually it is within the first month or in the older days the first week the baby is born.

The next sacrament is fist communion - this is received in

second grade. It is a big thing for kids. All the girls dress in a white dress and while vale, wear white cloves and shoes. There is a special mass and the boys are in suits. The girls walk down the isle on the right side and the boys on the left side. They sit in the pews and there is a mass and at communion the kids...