The Catholic Religion

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The Catholic ReligionThe Catholic religion is a monotheistic faith that believes in God and the Holy Bible and it is based on one source, the word of God. People of Catholic faith are very devoted and their practices are very sacred to them. Their life is their faith. Catholic means "Universal". "There was only the "one, holy, catholic church" affirmed by the early creeds, which was the body of Christian believers all over the world, united by tradition, beliefs, church structure and worship." (Roman Catholicism, 2007) If an individual was a Christian back in the early age of Christianity they belonged to a Catholic church. The Catholic faith has been one of the few forms of Christianity that has remained true to the original practices, beliefs and traditions; it has not modernized when it comes to their beliefs and worship goes. St. Peter is considered the first pope, one of the Apostles.

However, the Roman bishop Leo is considered the first pope by historians, because he was the first to claim ultimate authority, but in his writings it clearly stated that Christ designated Peter and his successors the "rock" on which the church would be built. (Roman Catholicism, 2007) In 318 AD, the church began to have governmental structure, with the conversion of Emperor Constantine. (Roman Catholicism, 2007) Catholic beliefs do not differ from other forms of Christianity, as far as the Bible, the Trinity, Christ, the Ten Commandments, and the afterlife. However, there are differences from other forms of Christianity, such as; the authority of the pope, the praying with and the ability of the Saints, the use of the rosary beads in prayer, and the Eucharist. In Catholicism, the Eucharist is called the mass. The bread used in the Eucharist becomes the body of Christ when blessed by...