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The Catholic religion begins sometime shortly after the death of Christ. Everyone who believed in Christ was considered a Christian and it was a universal religion. Catholic in Webster dictionary means universal. It is believed that the Apostle Peter was the rock and Jesus Christ said he was going to build his church on the rock found in Mathew 16: 18-19. After Christ was crucified, it was believed that Apostle Peter built the church and that Peter was the first Catholic Bishop of Rome known as the pope today.

The catholic faith is one of the strongest faiths in the world. The worshiping event is called mass and it is held everyday across the world. Sunday mass is required since Sunday is the Sabbath day. They can attend a Saturday night mass, which counts as a Sunday mass. There are two readings from the bible during every mass and the first one is taken from the Old Testament and the second is taken from the New Testament.

The readings are the same across the world. Today's readings are the same here as they are in Rome or Australia. Every three years the whole bible is covered in the Catholic religion.

Recruitment and reproduction

The Catholics depend on the reproduction more so than the recruitment. The Catholics are one hundred percent against birth control. They are also against premarital sex and abortion, as with just about any other religion in the Untied States. Once you are married in the Catholic religion, the use of any form of artificial birth control is not prohibited. The only use of birth control that can be used is the timing method. This is why you see so many large catholic families. Before the priest will marry you, he will want you to...