How catholics should not take part in halloween because everything that is attached to the holiday is attached to its evil history

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Consider Before Conform

There are many traditions that are practiced throughout today's society. The Catholic Church should not conform to the masses and take part in all these traditions. There are many traditions that have an evil and immoral background. Halloween, for example, is a holiday that has traditions of paganism and evil. I grew up as a Catholic, in a Catholic family, in a Catholic parish, and I saw how Halloween was accepted in the Catholic community. Students would dress up as skeletons, witches, and ghosts. Spider webs covered the walls of the lunch room and jack-o-lanterns would line the halls. The parish would even sponsor parties. Most Catholics only take part in Halloween so their children are accepted in today's society (Underwood). This is not a valid excuse. Teenage sex outside of marriage is accepted in society, but Catholics do not let their children take part in this (Underwood).

Catholics should not celebrate Halloween because everything that is attached to this holiday is also attached to its evil history.

The name, Halloween, itself is linked to death and evil. On October 31st, ancient Celtic tribes would worship Samhain, god of the dead, to insure the next year's crop would flourish. When the Christians came along and tried to Christianize the holiday, they created "All Saints Day" to honor the saints in heaven (Franco). This was held on November 1st and was also known as "All Hallows Day". Then "All Hallows Eve" was created to remember the dead (Halloween). This "All Hallows Eve" came to be known as Halloween.

The present day practice of wearing costumes is also associated with evil sprits. On "All Hallows Eve", the Celts would wear costumes made of animal heads and skins and would search the town for...