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Vc acCathy Freeman - A great Australian

Catherine Astrid Salome Freeman was born 16th of February in Mackay Queensland; her parents were Norman Fisher and Geraldine Roy. She and her brothers Gavin, Garth and Norman (who died after a motor vehicle accident on 16 September 2008) were raised there and in other parts of Queensland. She also had a sister named Anne-Marie (1966-1990) who suffered from cerebral palsy and spent much of her life in a home for the disabled.

Cathy attended several schools, but was mostly educated at Fairholme College, in Toowoomba. Her parents divorced in 1978 and her mother married Claude Freeman when Cathy was nine.

Cathy has described how she has been influenced by early experiences with racism and also by her Baha'i faith. Cathy was raised a Baha'i, and says of her faith, "I'm not a devout Baha'i but I like the prayers and I appreciate their values about the equality of all human kind".

She states memories of running around and having fun with her siblings. However whilst at school and competing she recalls being denied the gold medal and it being given to a white girl. Cathy states she received in her early years racism and ridicule but kept running as she enjoyed it and was so good at it.

At an early age she dreamed of becoming the worlds greatest female athlete.

In 1987 Cathy won a scholarship to Fairholme School but decided to go to the International school in Kooralbyn so Mike Danila could professionally coach her. After competing in her first Commonwealth games she moved to Melbourne.

Her first gold medal was in the 4 x 100 metre relay team at the Auckland commonwealth games, with that win she became the first female Australian aboriginal to win...