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Cathy pacific brand strategies have been critically assessed using marketing mix tool that has given a clear image of currant activities in the airline industry. Also, a suggestion list was compiled to look at development of present strategies. Subsequently, critical evaluation for management and implementation was carried out and the factors that could affect your suggestions for future brand development were highlighted. Cathy pacific is preserving its brand equity by the use of internet advertising and use of technology. Investment in more air craft is part of strategy development .

Part A

Brand strategy of Cathay pacific:

Cathy pacific has achieved a lot of reputation, prestige, customer loyalty since it has moved to Hong Kong in 1948. Product differentiation has been constant that gave identity to the brand name of

An on-going planning to achieve difference in the company product and consistent use of a advertising, high level of customer service and care; aims to be first in the industry required long-term strategy.

Arnold (1992) identifies brand strategy is the process whereby the offer is positioned in the consumer's mind to produce a percentage of advantage.

According to Leslie de C & Malcolm M (2003)"the brand is the result of a coherent marketing approach which uses all elements of marketing mix".

1.1 Product or service:

Cathy pacific ensure that service is preformed by well trained staff who delivers the service straight from the heart showing that customer comes first is centre of the service. Also, the company offers adequate information to its customer (cargo and passengers) that is satisfying, easy to access using internet means. Company "is an international airline registered and based in Hong Kong offering scheduled cargo and passenger services to over 90 destinations around the word " (, 2005).

The shareholders confidence in the company management,