Cats and Buttered bread. Make up your own issue about anything and get people to care about it.

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We had to make up an issue for class, most people just did abortion or peer pressure but I wanted to, as usual, be a comedian so I did this. I got a good grade for it and people in my class and my teacher actually laughed and kept their attention won me while i was reading it. =DCats and Buttered Bread.

I’ve decided to make an issue of this question: “If a cat always lands on its feet and buttered bread always lands butter side down, what would happen if you tied the buttered bread to the top of a cat?” You may have all seen the television show Brainiac at some point. There is a segment on the show called Tickle’s Teasers, were Prof. Jon Tickle tells us some ‘brain teasers’ and doesn’t tell us the answers. Usually these questions are rhetorical, don’t make sense, have left out information or make false assumptions.

In the case of this question, it has left out information and made false assumptions. First of all Tickle didn’t mention that we’d be dropping the cat with the buttered bread stuck to it. If we were not to drop the cat with the buttered bread stuck to it, the cat would simply attempt to remove the bread and walk off in the haughty way that cats do.

But let’s assume that the question is in fact asking what would happen if you tied buttered bread to the top of a cat and then dropped it from a fair height. Well it could land either way, and the reason why is very simple: if it lands butter side down, the cat hasn’t landed yet – it’s lying on bread. Likewise, if it lands feet down, the bread has not landed.

However, there is another thing...