Cats and Dogs

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Many people choose to keep pets in their homes. However, making the decision on what type of pet to get can be very difficult. Most people choose either a dog or a cat. There are some similarities and also some differences between both the dog and the cat.

The dog and cat are both domesticated animals and can be kept as pets. Both of the animals have hair that likes to shed. Both require love, attention and to be cared for. When both the cat and the dog give birth, they normally have more than one offspring at one time.

Now that I have stated some of the similarities between the dog and the cat, I will talk about some of their differences. One major difference is the dog is of the canine family and the cat is of the feline family. Dogs like to spend lots of time with others.

Whereas, cats on the other hand, like to spend time alone. Another difference is that dogs are usually awake during the day and cats are usually awake at night. Cats and dogs also make different sounds. A dog will bark, growl, howl and also whine. A cat, though, will purr, meow, and sometimes also hiss. When the animals are afraid, the dog will usually bare its teeth and growl. The cat, when afraid or threatened, will arch its back and hiss and spit.

So, when you are deciding on which animal to bring into your home, you should take a close look at both the similarities and also the differences of both of these animals.