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Cats or Dogs Having a dog or cat can bring momentous joy into a person's life. When a person walks into their home after a long day of school or work, looking at their pet relieves stress and brings sudden uplift into their day. The happiness and love the dog or cat shows towards their owner is special, and is a bond not unlike that of a family member. The owner treats their pet with respect by feeding it, letting it out to play, and showing it affection. The pet, in return, will give comfort to their owner by listening and showing warmth towards their owner. The pet as an inept ability to know when their owner is having a bad day or just needs someone to comfort them. Although the pet will not respond back, it's always willing to listen. Both a cat and dog display these qualities, but both go about it in different ways.

When an owner comes home to a relatively empty house, their dog is usually at the door to greet him. The dog is accustomed to the sounds of the car in the driveway, and knows the owner will be coming in the house shortly. Jumping up and down enthusiastically, the dog will bark and display a great amount of emotion. The owner pets the dog and the dog will eventually settle down, but for most of the night will stick close to their owner and protect them. A cat reacts differently to their owner coming back from work or school. When the owner walks in, the cat does not jump up and down and purr to show the owner he/she knows he's home. Rather, the cat is nowhere to be seen. After being home for a little while, the cat while emerge from his slumber. He will inconspicuously come up to the owner, maybe by gracing the owner's leg or by just emerging to the room the owner's sitting in. The cat displays a silent but still effective show of affection, which lets the owner know the cat cares. Each pet allows the owner to know they care, but demonstrate it in a different way.

Taking care of a cat is less of a hassle than taking care of a dog. When a cat needs to use the bathroom, the owner needs not let it outside. A litter box is where the cat exhausts itself. Because the litter box is inside, the owner will not have to let the cat outside to go to the bathroom in an awkward situation, or in the middle of the night. The only price the owner pays is having to change the litter box once a week, and dealing with the smell of old litter box. As long as the box is put in a place where the smell will not leak to where the owner spends most of the day, this is not a predicament. Since cats are not as large as most dogs, they do not eat or drink as much. The cat can be feed and given water in the beginning of the week, and the dishes will not have to be refilled until the end of the week. Dogs need more attention than dogs when it comes to fulfilling their needs. A dog must be let outside when it needs to be relieved, so the owner must stop all activity so the dog does not alleviate himself inside the house. This causes inconvenience because the dog may have to go outside when the owner is busy or in the middle of a project. If the owner is not at home to allow the dog to go outside, the dog will have an accident in the house, which will cause a mess. More responsibilities also go into maintaining a dogs needs for food and water. A large dog will have to be feed and water twice a day. The owner must make sure he is at home at two scheduled times, so the dog is properly feed to keep up his health. Making sure the dog is let outside and keeping up with his food is more responsibility than changing the litter box and giving the cat food and water.

Depending on the size and type of ones cat or dog, shedding can become quite a bother. A large dog such as a Labrador will shed frequently throughout the day. All areas of the house that the dog enters will have hair, and if the dog is very lively and vibrant, he will shed more. The owner must constantly groom the dog by brushing him daily and vacuum all areas of the house that the dog enters. A small cat or dog is easier to maintain because they do not shed as frequently. However, since cats have better leaping ability, the cat may shed on areas the dog is not exposed to. If the cat hops onto the cabinets of the kitchen, she will shed on the countertop and any food placed there will be tainted with the hair. Allergies are also a concern when dealing with a dog or cat that sheds regularly. If a visitor of the house is allergic to cat hair, the person will sneeze even when the cat is not present. The hair that has been left behind on couches, rugs, drapes, and chairs will cause the visitor to have an allergic reaction.

Cats and dogs are wonderful companions to have as pets. They are loving and respectful and can even make a bond as a family member. Each brings joy into the families lives they live with by being good listeners and showing warmth. Although responsibilities come with taking care of each pet, the rewards one receives in the end are greater than the hassles one must go through to maintain the health and cleanliness of their pet. Anyone who is lonely should consider obtaining a pet, and also a family looking to liven up their household. Each pet has different responsibilities and shows affection in different ways, but each is a great asset and companion.