Cats and Dogs The Difference Between Men and Women

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Cats and Dogs

Since death is a destination for everyone, both active and passive, curious and indifferent, you might as well take some chances, have some fun, and be honest about your experiences. Cats and dogs have been one of the most controversial topics among humans for decades. Famous cats date as far back as the Egyptian throne. Cleopatra had a cat rule with her on the throne. Cats were said to be Gods, and in some cases held higher ranks in the kingdom than most other royalty. A dog would say, "They feed me, they shelter me, they love me, they must be Gods." A cat would say, "They feed me, they shelter me, they love me, I must be God." Cats think they are Gods and will always think that way as long as they are still being worshipped and loved. Cats are reserved and introspective, unlike the loud and boisterous dog.

God would be more like a cat, living a passive, introverted life, rather than an active adventurous life.

Cats are sometimes referred to as little women in fur coats, because they do whatever they want, they rarely listen to you, they whine when they are not happy, they are moody, and when you want to play they want to be alone. Dogs are often known as men in fur coats, because they lay around all day, love to have they're tummies rubbed, when you want to be alone they want to play, and they don't know the difference between cheap and expensive food. Cats and Dogs have many differences. Cats are the picture of cleanliness and dogs love to be filthy. Cats are constantly cleaning, always worrying about what others might think of them, unlike the dog who lives a carefree life, and who does not...