Cattle of the Sun God

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Reeling from the dreadful shock of seeing their friends killed, the crew and Odysseus decided to stop and rest at a peaceful, sunny island. Odysseus warned them that whatever happened they were not to touch any animal from any flock grazing there. He guessed that there was more trouble in store. Then the sailors rested but awoke in the night to a dreadful storm. They pulled their boat up the beach and waited. After a few days the storm started to settle; the men ventured out. By now their food ran short and they were cold, hungry and miserable. Unknown to Odysseus, the men killed one of the cattle and offered a sacrifice to Apollo then ate the rest. When Odysseus realized what was going on he was upset; he knew it was going to cause trouble. What nobody realized was that they killed one of the Sun King's cattle.

As soon as they went out to sea a dreadful hurricane hit their ship. It snapped the mast and killed some of the men. Things got so bad that Odysseus lashed two pieces of wood together and took to the water. Ten days later he was washed up on the shore of Calypso's island with all of his men gone.