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20 Dec 2001 pg. 3 - 29 -I somewhat agree with Boyle's theory, or interpretation, of the typical upper-middle class mind-set.

21 Dec 2001 pg. 30 - 62 -Boyle's dipiction of the illegal immigrant's situation has changed my feelings towards them. I now kind-of know what they go through just to get a "better life".

22 Dec 2001 pg. 63 - 97 -Now, the story has me confused on my position on the subject of illegal immigration. He delivers both points of view very well.

23 Dec 2001 pg. 98 - 142 -I find it sad that America didn't get paid more because she was new and didn't speak a word of english; however, part of me feels that its her fault for not learning english before coming to the U.S.

29 Dec 2001 pg. 145 - 182 -In my opinion, Kyra stereotypically depicts the upper-middle class white woman, constantly afflicted with the "do-something" syndrome.

03 Jan 2002 pg. 183 - 240 -I'm still thinking if the trek America made was possible in her pregnant state.

04 Jan 2002 pg. 211 - 257 -Concerning the robbery, Candido has the worst luck in the world. Makes me wonder why he hasn't commited suicide.

05 Jan 2002 pg. 212 - 308 -I wonder if this is the Malibu fire that happened 5 years ago, and if a "Candido" did start that fire. This was an action packed section.

07 Jan 2002 pg. 309 - 355 -I can't get over what happened to the cat. I'm kind of dissapointed at the ending. Did Delaney save the baby?