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Lara kissed Jay goodbye as he hopped into his rusty, 1981, beat up, Ford pick-up truck.

“Well, I guess this is it,” she said, trying to hold back her tears.

“Yeah, but don’t worry, I’ll be calling you tonight after I get settled in and everything,” he replied.

Lara nodded her head and stepped back away from his truck, as Jay slammed the truck into gear and took off for his first semester of college.

~*~With his high school sweetheart, Lara, left sulking back at home, Jay sat silently in his eight a.m. American Government class. As he began to pull his grimy Patriots hat down over his overtired eyes, he noticed a hot blonde walk in through the doorway. She was fairly tall, slender, but not too thin, and to him, looked stylish and very self-confident. He was in awe of her perfectly placed shimmering, curly golden locks as she took a seat at a table not too far away from his.

She was an angel; he had never seen anything or anyone so beautiful before. Jay has lived way up in Northern Maine his whole life, only ever seeing girls that looked as good as her on cable television shows. He thought that she probably wouldn’t, but he was hopeful that she would glance in his direction and notice him, as he made a point to flex his very toned, hardworking arms. Jay thought that he should at least try to start up a conversation with her, but before he could make his move, the professor came running into the room saying,“Good morning class, and welcome to American Government I.” Hearing that, Jay groaned and pulled his hat over his eyes while making a point to keep the girl within his view. He slumped down into the hard,