Cause and Affect Essay on "A Worn Path" By: Eudora Welty

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In "A Worn Path" by Edorua Welty there is an old lady named Phoniex Jackson.The Story is about Phoenix going into town during the of December in Mississippi to get her grandson medicine. Three of the causes that were in the story are she had to walk over a log, she was also attacked by a hunter and his dog, then when she got into town she forgot about why she went into town.

The long walk over the log that Phoenix had to take was a dnagerous one because she is an old lady who uses an umbrella to help her walk and she is not very sturdy on her feet. She had to take it step by sep and had to be extra careful because of the alligators that were in the water under the log.

Another obstacle that she had to conquer was a wild dog and the hunter.

the wild dog scared Phoenix whe she came into an open prairie. The dog started to bark at her and made her fall over. Then this hunter came over and scared the dog and then told Phoenix that she would never make it into town and back home before nightfall, so she should just turn around and go home. When Phoenix told him no he put the shoot gun in her face and told her again to go home and Phoenix asked him what he was going to do with the gun. This was probally the obstacle of her trip because it was a life threatening obstacle tha she did not back down from and net even think about backing down from.

The last obstacle that she had to face was when she got to the doctor's office and she could not remember whe she...