Cause And Effect

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Cause and Effect We receive the same energy we put out. If we choose to look at life in a negative manner, then negative things will start popping up all over the place. When you are sitting there waiting for bad things to happen and anticipating them, chances are you are doing little things to make them happen. This also holds true for the people we surround ourselves with. By placing ourselves around people who attract that kind of energy we are subjecting ourselves to it as well. It is like owning a weapon that gives you a false sense of power. You will begin to take bigger risks; put yourself in places that you wouldn't without it. All the while bring yourself to an environment where others are likely to have the same weapon and the same idea. When two people like that collide, people get shot. The same holds true for the positive.

If you look at the world through a positive looking glass, better things are bound to head your way. Thinking in a positive manner also has a knack for attracting others of the same mindset. Their positive thinking will benefit not only them but also those who are lucky enough to come in contact with them. Simply put, if you look at the bright side, good things will come your way.

In the few weeks before spring break I had been having a string of shitty occurrences that had been sending me lower and lower on the happy scale. It all started with my back injury, which happened on the 21st of February. I had taken a fall on my back because of someone else's mistake and was in excruciating amounts of pain. After my initial trip to the ER I was told to schedule...