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As much as I enjoyed high school, it doesn't compare to the class schedule, workload, and faculty attitude that I've experienced in college. Although I have only spent one semester in college as compared to four years of high school, the differences between the two have been apparent from the beginning. College life is more difficult to adjust to because of the freedom I have been given, as compared to the rules I had to abide by in high school.

Class scheduling, which includes class time, classes in a semester, and number of absences all make up the first differences between high school and college. In high school classes start first thing in the morning and can last well into the afternoon, but college classes are designed to work around a schedule of other classes, jobs, or just having time off to rest. The classes required to take in a semester at high school can easily add up to seven or eight, but in college the number of classes taken is chosen by which classes are needed or just personal preference.

To maintain a steady 12 credit hours in college though, around five classes are needed. Also, a suspension is handed out for missing over ten days in a semester at high school, but most college and university classes will excuse any absences as long as there is good reason and the work is being made up.

Workload is the second difference between high school and college. Although high school is designed to be informative about what to expect in college, the amount of homework, papers, and overall difficulty of the two are very much diverse. While in high school, homework is given on a daily basis. It is primarily used to help understand what...