Cause And Effect

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It was a beautiful day at the beach, the sun was bright, the clouds were few, the water was clear, and the breeze was just enough to keep the sweat away. It was picture perfect. The young man lying on the blanket next to mine was a good-looking one. Tall, dark, and handsome, with bright blue eyes and a smile that could make your knees shake. To think he had made the trip with me only made the grin on my face larger. The smile was short lived though, because such feelings always started a conflict inside my head that I had never been able to come to grips with. The attractive young male lying beside me was none other than my brother-in-law, my husband's younger brother. I had always found him attractive, but thought that such feelings were just a "passing fancy"� and would soon pass. However, here it was two years later, and I still found myself attracted to a member of my spouse's family.

I had thought about things I should do or actions I should take to try to put an end to it, and a few times, even how to act on it, but after thinking about the possible effects and repercussions, had always agreed to suffer in my silence. What could possibly come of talking about it? This could result in my husband becoming angry, finding there are mutual feelings, or learning that silence is truly the best kept secret.

One thing was for certain, I did not dare tell my husband. How could I? "Honey, I'm attracted to your brother, is it ok if we invite him over for dinner more often"�? I think not. I could find more subtle ways to tell him, sure, but was always afraid of how he...