Cause and Effect of Divorce

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Running head: Cause and Effect of Divorce

Kevin Kinkade

University of Phoenix


Laurel Taron

March 2010


Cause and effect of divorce

Cases of divorce are increasingly becoming common in the American society. The legal acceptance of divorce has been dictated by the evident rise in infidelity, substance abuse, and family violence in the community (Clarke-Stewart, 2006). For opponents of divorce, there is neither a moral nor ethical reason for couples to be trapped in an unfulfilling family relationship. However, divorce has many social-economic effects to the children, couples and the society as a whole. Divorce for example has been identified as a leading cause of financial crisis in many single parent families, a factor which compromises the social and academic life of the children (Amato, 2000). This essay is a discussion on the causes and effects of divorce in the American society.

The causes of divorce in the society are numerous. First is a financial problem (Amato, 2000). Statistical evidence on divorce rates has it that spouses who are unable to manage their financial budgets are more prone to divorce compared to others. Substance abuse particularly alcohol is another major cause of divorce in many families (Clarke-Stewart, 2006). Alcohol is a leading cause of dialogue breakdown in a family. It also can cultivate a culture of domestic violence in the family as well as resulting into more financial management in the family. Still to be appreciated is the fact that most families end up in divorce after failure of the couples to resolve substance abuse problems (Clarke-Stewart, 2006). Therefore, since substance abuse greatly negates the reasoning and judgmental ability of the victim, then it is no doubt a major cause of divorce.

Another cause of divorce is infidelity (Clarke-Stewart, 2006). Faithfulness...