Cause and effect essay: troubles with the inlaws.

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I am not one to say that marriage alone is not stressful and has its share of problems. But when you bring in other members of the family, the in-laws, things can get ugly. In laws can cause a certain degree of tension in a marriage especially if one side doesn't approve of the other. Complaints about them are common and often a cause of conflict between married couples because of the differences they encounter. Life would be much simpler if you didn't have to deal with the in-laws.

In-laws face a difficult transition in letting go of their child, especially for a mother because her "baby" will be leaving home and starting a new life, not to mention she will have another mother. Being a married couple, approval from both sides of the family is very important to have a healthy marriage. It makes living with one another and visiting one another's parents more comfortable.

A person wants to have a good impression be with someone who was brought up in a similar manner. Parents feel that if the person their child marries isn't the same, then approval is hard to come by, or so it feels. In many family's parents want their kids to marry within my own race, or for that matter with in the same religion.

In laws can be a big problem, but like any problem, there is a solution to be found. Being supportive of all the actions and having an open mind will help things become easier. Couples should learn to accept changes in their lifestyle and confronting the person if those changes are not to their liking. One would also hope that you could get by with out dealing with their in-laws as much as possible.