A Cause and Effect Look at the American Divorce

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Steven is only a year old when his parents are divorced. He does not know his father yet, and from this point on in his life will only see him once each year. This means that when Steven graduates from high school, he will have seen his father only seventeen more times. Steven has just become another statistic of an American divorce.

Every year in America, 50% of marriages fall apart, over one million children watch as their parent?s unions fail, and American people are left wondering why. Is it because of religion, or our lack there of? Perhaps we are simply marrying too young or have premarital cohabitation to blame. Maybe we are reliving the mistakes of our parents, the products of our experiences. Whatever the case may be, one in every two marriages fails. Where do we cast the blame? One convincing argument is the distance that Americans have put between themselves and God.

It is no secret that today?s society is not as spiritual as it was forty years ago, when the American divorce rate was below 35%. Does a correlation equal cause? A common response among polled Americans is yes. It seems to reason that since marriage is a union of two people before God that a close personal relationship with Him would only help to make it last. Statistically this is true, though religious couples also have their problems. Among Christians as a whole, 27% end up divorced, while NonChristians suffer only a 24% divorce rate(pollandquiz.com). It would seem that divorce is also high among religious couples, but obviously is far below the national average of 50%. So, while religion does seem to contribute to the success and failure of the married life, a close and successful relationship with God does not necessarily mean...