Cause and effect story about a lacrosse game.

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Have you ever had an occasion where you could prove you were better than someone? What about a time when you lost control and over-reacted to something? Sure you have, at least once in your life. When spring first arrived, I was very excited because the lacrosse season was starting, I surely had missed it since I hadn't played fall ball. Then came the tryouts at the second week of March, I was still very excited to be playing lacrosse. I made the "C" team, but that was ok, since it was only my second year. At the first practice, I was amazed at what I saw; we had all the best players in our team, including players that should have been on "B" or even "A" teams. I was sure that this year, unlike last year, we would win the tournament and get accepted into the Big-Dog tournament.

So far, this sounds like a happy beginning, doesn't it? Well, this happiness didn't last very long.

I remember that day when everything suddenly "twisted around." It was our fourth game in the season and we were playing one of the best teams in the whole tournament. This team just happened to be my friend Joe's team. It was amazing; everyone was playing at their hardest to win. It was the last quarter in the game, the score was five to four us, and I was in crease defense therefore it was my job to keep other players away from the "hole", a point in a lacrosse field that is in front of the goal. During about the last fifth minute, I saw the ball fly away from the defensemen of the other team to their midi. That midi just happened to be Joe. I knew Joe for a long...