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A topic that I find interesting is crime control and crime prevention. All across the country, crime control and crime prevention is a major topic for politicians and citizens. The recent increase in the risk, intensity and sophistication of crime around the world threatens the safety of citizens everywhere and hinders countries in their social, economic, and cultural development. Since crime has become a major issue in the world, what methods of crime control and crime prevention are used or have been used? I want to know if any of them have worked, have failed, or are still in testing to this day. Is all of society part of an experiment to solve the problem of crime? In addition, if there are methods that are working, why have these methods not been applied to our countries or other countries with consistent criminal activity?

This topic is important to Criminology because one can study the origins of crime and how crime can be stopped before it can be started.

A problem with this issue is that there are probably theories and methods that have not worked or that have work. The ones that have work are being implemented within a society while others fail. Does the success of a certain theory or method depend on society itself or does it depend on the severity of the crimes that inhibit the society? These questions could pose a problem in Criminology and cause conflict amongst theorist and policy makers.

In discussing this topic, I have read articles on crime prevention and control that discuss several different methods and policies that identify specific problems that are important to the origin of crime. One type of prevention that was interesting to me was a Developmental Prevention and Early Intervention Approach. The Criminology professor of...