Cause/Effect: Drinking and driving

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Driving Drunk

Everyday people are killed in an instant by the choice of an intoxicated person. Many times the people that are killed are the intoxicated person themselves. As well they put their passangers, other people on the road and pedestrians. Whether the person crashes the vehicle our splatters a helpless person into the cement the probability that somebody dies is high. There are many sideffects from drinking and driving.

First of all, the brain slows down, which results in a dangerously slow reaction time. When drinking speech can get slurred and ones judgment is impaired. A person may think that their a good enough judge to tell when they have had too much to drink but that would be the alcohol impairing their judgment. Once their convinced that their sober enough to drive the mayhem begins. Several studies show that it only takes one alcoholic beverage to slow reaction time and impair ones judgment.

By far the worst side effect of driving under the influence is death.

One of the most frequently type of person that will drive a veichcal impaired are adolescents. Surprisingly enough this happens o so often, and when mixing alcohol and inexperience driving the result is deadly. Many teens have done this and have either killed themselves and or other innocent people. An organization called Mothers against Drunk Driving was formed to inform adolescents about the effects of driving under the influence.

There are many things that a person driving drunk may do. These things include speeding, ignoring traffic signals and not paying attention to ones surroundings. When one exceeds the speed limit it is dangerous even with out being under the influence of alcohol. When speeding while under the influence is dangerous because of the slow reaction time, which also results from the...