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1. All people, who are communicating and trying to build their relationship as a couple, face different kinds of difficulties. 2. Having the wonderful feeling of love they still need to get to know each other better and become close friends to continue their contact. Moreover, they need to start liking and disliking the same things, what is indeed true friendship (What do you mean?). 3. It is interesting, how many couples break up because of their different perception of life. (Perhaps you could rethink the wording and arrangement of the ideas in this sentence).

4. Most widespread problem among couples is how to spend money (their attitude towards the ways of spending money) and attitude to money itself. In the story written by Julie Sayers, Melanie and Bob, it is clear (Perhaps you could offer your readers more pertinent word for the given context.) to understand that Bob's unusual passion for money will cause their break-up.

The young man is confident that "going out and spending, they'll end up as old age pensioners with nothing to show for their life". Furthermore, Melanie is trying to confirm ( convince) him that the things need to be changed. They can't keep doing the same things all the time: "Every Friday night it's the same old thing, couldn't we eat somewhere nice once for a while?", or "We never do anything except go for walks, or to your house, anything that means you don't have to spend money on me!". (Mind the arrangement ofthe information in this sentence. Remember the information arrangement is a very powerful cohesive device.(To solve this problem/ to encourage Bob to bring in some variety in their [free time] activities...) She makes different tactics (What was the previous tactics like?) to solve their problem. Melanie asks him in...