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Effects of Becoming a Pro Motocross Rider Hey have you ever wonder how it feels to go pro at any sport you really like. I like to ride motocross. There are a lot of people that are interested in motocross. One of those people is Jeremy McGrath. He is the greatest man to ever grace the tracks of motocross. Which brings me to my point; Once a rider acquires the status of Pro he or she will gain sponsors and a lot of big bucks start to come his or her way.

Well when a rider goes pro usually that person gets what I like to call sponsors. Most of the time it's a motocross apparel company that will sponsor you. Most of the sponsors that will pick you up are: Fox, Thor, No Fear, Answer, & Mouse. The 2 best out of them all from my opinion are Fox and No Fear.

Mainly because my two favorite racers are sponsored by them, and I'm sponsored by them. Jeremy McGrath is sponsored by No Fear, and Ricky Carmichael is sponsored by Fox. Sponsors are the most important asset that a rider could have. The reason being is they help you get riding apparel, safety gear, and parts for your bike and if you are really lucky they might even buy you a new bike. Sponsors basically look for speed, agility, handling of your bike, and the most important thing that they look for is what place you come in during races.

Another great thing that will happen to you when you go pro is a lot of money comes your way. Most of the money comes from your sponsors. They pay you more money for a higher position at the end of the race. My sponsors give me $500...